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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission criteria?
To be eligible to live at the Vermont Veterans' Home, the individual must be an honorably discharged Veteran who has served 90 consecutive days on active duty (unless discharged earlier due to a disability incurred in the line of duty) and in medical need of a skilled nursing facility.  The spouse, widow or widower of an honorably discharged Veteran or Gold Star Parent may be eligible to reside at the facility. 

What is the process for applying for admission?
The individual must complete an application and provide the materials requested. The Admissions Committee will evaluate the application for admission according to the medical, social and financial needs of the prospective Veteran, spouse, widow or widower, or Gold Star Parent.  Admission shall be granted when there is a vacancy that meets the needs of the Veteran.  

Do I need to be a Vermont resident?
Vermont Veterans and residents have primary consideration, however, out of state Veterans, their spouses, widows or widowers, and out of state Gold Star Parents will be considered.

What are your visiting hours?
Visiting Hours are Sunday through Saturday.  We ask that you gauge your arrival, length of stay, and time of departure for the comfort of our Veterans/Members.  You must register your arrival and departure at the Reception Desk located at the front of the building.

Are pets allowed to visit Veterans and members?
Pets are welcome to visit at the Vermont Veterans’ Home.  To ensure the safety of our Veterans and Members, we ask that upon your first visit with your pet, you provide a copy of the vaccination record from your veterinarian. The record will be kept on file at the Reception desk.  The record should also include the owner’s name and contact information.  The pet must be on a leash or in a crate and must be well behaved.  

Do we need to stay in the facility during the visit?
Visits are not confined to inside the facility but you must first register at the Nurse’s Station that you will be out of the building.  There are many areas to visit or take a stroll.  Paved walkways will lead you to the Deer Park where you will be able to view our resident deer; Charron Pond is equipped with a dock to view and feed the fish with fish pellets that can be obtained at the Receptionist desk.  You are welcome to visit the cemetery and view the headstones of the Veterans from the Civil War.  Park benches are found throughout the grounds to rest and enjoy the surroundings.  Secured outdoor areas have walkways and a gazebo where you may enjoy your visits. 

Are Veterans able to go off the premises or for overnights?
If you will be taking the Veteran/member out of the building, you must notify the Nursing Staff on that neighborhood even if it is only a short time. For extended outings, overnights, or leave of absence, a doctor’s order is required and medications must be provided. Please speak with the Nursing staff where your loved one resides to discuss any matters of which you should be aware.  Our top priority is the safety and care of the Veterans. 

Are overnight accommodations available?
The Vermont Veterans’ Home has a Guest Room available at no charge for visiting family members.  The room can accommodate up to four individuals and can be reserved by contacting the Receptionist to check for overnight or weekend availability.  Extended stays can be arranged for extenuating circumstances. The secure room is available on a first come, first served basis to our guests.

Will I be able to share a meal with my loved one at the VVH?
Meals are available for purchase for the day(s) of your visit and prior notice is appreciated. Meal tickets can be purchased from the Receptionist, or if no one is available, from Dietary in the Kitchen.  A 48 hour advance notice and purchase is requested.  We offer a “COMPLIMENTARY MEAL PASS”  to one guest for a Veteran’s/Member’s  birthday, New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  All other guests will purchase meals following guidelines above. 
Vending machines, located in the Canteen, have munchies, beverages, ice cream and other food items for snacking or as an alternative to the dining room menu.  Microwaves are provided in this area.  

Do you have internet service?
Internet service is free at the Vermont Veterans' Home and there are public computers in the Activities Room for Veteran use.  Individual computers are not provided by the Vermont Veterans' Home, however, personal computers are welcome and most of the facility has wireless accessibility.   

Are televisions or phones provided by the VVH?
VVH does not provide a television in each room; however, BASIC CABLE service is available for FREE.  If the Veteran/member desires additional services, the cable service must be contacted by the family member or Veteran to make arrangements for payment for the extra channels.  
Telephone and phone service are the responsibility of the Veteran.  Social Services or the Business Office will be able to assist you with additional information. 

Can I personalize my room?
Since the VVH will be “home”, it is important to make the room as comfortable as possible and bringing items to help with the adjustment is encouraged.  Family pictures, a favorite bedspread or blanket are items you may wish to consider to decorate the living space. A conversation with Social Services will give you a better understanding of what is or is not appropriate.