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At the Vermont Veterans' Home we have a desire to provide the best care possible to every resident that comes through our doors. We strive to provide patient centered care that allows our residents to call the VVH home. One of the ways we can provide comfortable living is through our services. Those services include:

Skilled Nursing Care

The Vermont Veterans' Home is a licensed healthcare facility that provides a wide range of medical services. Those services include short term and long term care, attending to post-operative wounds, dispensing and monitoring intravenous medications, physical therapy, speech therapy that assists residents in reclaiming their ability to communicate and occupational therapy that helps residents become independent again.

The quality of our nursing care is consistently rated as one of the best in the country and is supervised by a registered nurse twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Our nursing staff provides necessary care with the residents’ best interest in mind and taking personal preferences into account whenever possible.

Certified Alzheimer’s Unit

The VVH is a top notch skilled nursing and a certified dementia unit that is innovative and provides care that is tailored to residents with those specific needs. Every staff member that works in the dementia unit goes through extensive training that provides them with the skills they need to help residents that have dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. This allows everyone to provide the best possible care.

Namaste and Music and Memory Therapy

The Vermont Veterans’ Home has two very amazing programs; one is Namaste and Music and Memory. Both of these programs are used to help veterans with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Hindu religion defines “namaste” as, “Honoring the Spirit Within”. In the Namaste program relaxation techniques are used to help residents with comfort and pain management, while keeping their dignity. The change in energy is very evident once you enter the Namaste room. There are aromas of citrus to lavender that help awaken the senses and soft music and silent scenic videos run throughout the day. Range of motion is performed and the resident is positioned with colorful pillows and blankets. Reiki and massage with essential oils are all done under illuminating floor lighting. One of the biggest points that we try to make with Namaste is the idea of individualism. Every resident brings a special personality into the room and that makes it uniquely special.

Music and Memory is a program that uses music to help our residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s reconnect to the person they once were. Through relaxation and music our residents get to go back to a time that was comforting and therapeutic.   

Inpatient and Outpatient acute and sub- acute Rehabilitation Therapy

The VVH provides care for residents through three different types of therapy. The first being Physical Therapy. Our physical therapists help residents improve muscle strength and coordination and they help manage pain and teach residents to compensate for any limitation a disease or illness may have caused. They use a variety of techniques to facilitate movement, reduce pain, and help residents recover from surgeries.

The second form of therapy used is Occupational Therapy. Our occupational therapists help residents adapt to and overcome physical limitations that could prevent them from living as independently as possible. They are experienced at treating difficulties a resident may experience with basic activities of daily living. These activities include but are not limited to self-care, home safety, and community living.

Finally, but certainly not least, we have Speech Therapy. Our speech therapists work with residents to regain their ability to communicate, remember, and understand. They also treat swallowing and chewing problems, assist in coping with communication for the hearing impaired, and treating a resident's issues with thinking, planning, and remembering.

Our therapists work very hard every day to provide patient centered care and get our residents to a level that suits their needs and provides the best quality of life possible.

Medical Social Work

The Vermont Veterans’ Home social workers provide many services to both residents and family members. In addition to many other duties, the social worker works closely with doctors and nursing staff to develop specific care plans based on the needs of the resident. They also provide Medicare and Medicaid services to help pay for medical care, psychosocial care to make sure that residents' transitions to a nursing home is fluid, discharge planning to be sure that when a resident is discharged they have all of the resources they need, and resident satisfaction to ensure that residents are comfortable and secure during their stay. 

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one at home can be overwhelming. If family members are not careful the responsibilities of being a caregiver can take their toll. Even the strongest of individuals needs help now and then. That is where we come in. The VVH offers respite care for Veterans and those that qualify to come and receive care here while the caregivers have a much needed break. Even a few hours of relief from constantly caring for a senior can make a huge difference. Let us help you, help your loved ones.

Registered Dietitian

Whether a resident is fighting an illness, needs to lose a few pounds or simply maintain their health, a dietitian lays out the personalized plan for the goal. Dietitians map out nutrition and food programs and oversee food preparation and serving to make sure that our residents get their needs met. They also work with healthcare professionals to develop nutrition plans that are needed and evaluate the plans’ effectiveness.

Podiatry Care

At the Vermont Veterans’ Home we value our residents’ comfort. One of the ways we make sure that out residents stay comfortable is by providing podiatry services. We have podiatrists that work with us to help treating diseases and injuries of the feet and lower legs. Some of these issues can include corns, ingrown toenails, bunions or heel spurs and some of the time problems with the feet can be a first indication of a more severe health problem such as diabetes or other circulation issues. All of these factors are kept in mind when a resident is being examined and plans of care are put in place to bring a resident back to a suitable quality of life that provides comfort and healthy living.

Dental Services

The VVH provides a wide range of excellent dental services. Oral care is primarily provided to prevent disease, maintain chewing and speaking ability, and to preserve comfort, hygiene, and dignity. Residents here are given an oral care plan and those plans are followed so that the resident can live as healthy a life style as possible.

End of Life Care

The Vermont Veterans' Home offers end of life care. When the time comes and a resident begins to decline, we implement what is called “end of life care”. Excellent care is still carried out, the only difference is that the treatment becomes more about comfort than curing a disease. We not only provide care for our residents, but we help their families deal with these hard times as well.  We also have contracted Hospice Services available to help with the comfort of your loved one.

Transportation to Medical Appointments

At the VVH we know that medical appointments are a must. That is why we provide transportation to and from those appointments.  There may be a charge for some appointments.

Guest Room

Family visits are a huge part of a resident’s life. We want family members to visit and not have to worry about finding a place to stay. We have a guest room for family members that travel great distances.  They can reserve the room and spend time with their loved ones without the stress of trying to find accommodations.