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Greetings from the Namaste Life Room

The Hindu religion defines “namaste” as “Honoring the Spirit Within”.

In the Namaste room we focus on comfort, dignity and pain management. Our staff makes this room work by being flexible with scheduling the activities of daily living around the residents' need for compassionate care.

Namaste Life is an experience to be shared with everyone. The energy is very evident once you enter the room. Aromas of natural citrus to lavender awaken your senses; soft music whispers in your ear and silent scenic videos run throughout the day. When residents are brought into the room, they are situated in recliners in such a way as to allow them to witness the sun rise, the billowing clouds in the sky, snow, or our beautiful Vermont sunsets.

Range of motion is performed along with positioning the resident with decorative blankets and pillows. Reiki and massage with essential oils are all done under illuminating floor lighting. Touch is the greatest gift you can give one another.

The most important piece of Namaste Living is individualism.  Each of our residents adds some personal energy to the space.

Please visit and listen to the “silent speak”. You may be surprised by the awakening and the fulfilling response our Namaste room will provide your “spirit within”.

Namaste Life Room

For information about Namaste email Ms. Christina Cosgrove or call 802-447-2792.