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Employee Recognition

Below are employees that have been recognized for their years of faithful service at the Vermont Veterans' Home. We thank you for your dedication to our Veterans and Members! 

State of Vermont Public Service Recognition 2023 went to Mary Cicirello, Assistant Director of Nursing Services.

The Vermont Veterans' Home is proud to announce Mary Cicirello, VVH recipient of the Vermont State Public Service Recognition. During the past 3 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mary has made sure that there were sufficient testing supplies and safe testing areas for both employees and our veterans/members. She is there to educate staff and employees on the necessity of testing and to ensure we are doing it correctly. She has made us safe by ensuring that we are following the guidelines from the State Department of Health in conjunction with our Medical Director. During the first wave of COVID-19, Mary was here at 0500 to help setup, and to make sure everyone was tested. She continues today to make sure employees are properly screened on a daily basis and tested at lease twice weekly. During this time she also filled in for several months as we searched for a new Chief Nursing Officer/Director of Nursing and performed the duties without hesitation and performed them well. She wears many hats and completes her duties in a kind and friendly manner.  

Mary Cicirello 2023 VT Public Service Recognition Award

State of Vermont Public Service Recognition 2019 went to Barbara Paddock, Nutritional Services.

Barbara is a Vermont Veterans' Home Nutritional Service standout. She has developed into one of VVH’s greatest nutritional staff trainers.  Barbara serves the Veterans and Members meals with a smile, ensuring everyone has what they need, yet still finds time to ask how their day is. She is a positive influence on all at VVH, her countenance is always positive. Barbara is more than a staff member, she is family to all who reside here.

State of Vermont Public Service Recognition 2018 went to Kyleen Norse, RN.

We at the Vermont Veterans’ Home are extremely proud to announce Kyleen Norse, RN, as our Outstanding Employee of the year.  Kyleen was recently recognized in Montpelier at the Public Service Recognition Week Banquet.  In attendance were commissioners and members of several State of Vermont Agencies along with Governor Scott, seen presenting the award to Kyleen in the picture.  Also, in the picture is the delighted Director of Nursing for the Veterans’ Home, Pat Crossman.

It is nurses like Kyleen who are “Fulfilling the Promise” by providing “Five Star” quality resident centered care and services to our Veterans and members.

State of Vermont Public Service Recognition for Vermont Veterans' Home 2016 went to Greg McGowan RN.


Greg is a wonderful asset to the nursing vocation and the Vermont Veterans' Home. He always presents a superb attitude and calm disposition when performing his duties. Greg has "pitched in" and has been assigned to various neighborhoods here, wherever the need was the greatest. On each and every assignment he enters it with a positive attitude and smile on his face. Even during challenging assignments, his calming positive approach consoles both our Veterans and fellow staff members. Greg is the face of the Nursing Profession, Genuine, Caring and Compassionate. Greg is well deserving of this superb recognition.

The Vermont Veterans' Home's photo.