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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is formally appointed by the Governor and is comprised of honorably discharged Veterans who broadly represent the various Veteran organizations, interests, and geographic regions of the state.


Meeting Information


Next Scheduled Meeting:  April 12, 2023.     Time:  To be determined




VVH Board of Trustees Zoom Meeting Invitation


Committee Meeting Information


Board Minutes

Board Historic Minutes



Board Committees

Budget and Finance

  • J. Scribner, Chair
  • R. Hooper
  • M. Klopchin
  • J. Percey
  • Staff: S. McClafferty, Financial Director

Endowment/Trust Oversight

  • C. Dickerson

Buildings and Grounds

  • vacancy -  Chair
  • M. diMonda
  • vacancy
  • Staff: A. Morin, COO
  • Staff: J. Endres, Environmental Services Director

By-Laws Subcommittee

  • C. Dickerson, Chair
  • J. Carmichael
  • vacancy
  • Others, as needed

Nominating Subcommittee

  • C. Dickerson, Chair
  • J. Carmichael
  • vacancy

Strategic Planning

  • G. De Gasta, Chair
  • J. Carmichael
  • B. Cruickshank
  • C. Dickerson
  • P. Fagan
  • M. Klopchin
  • J. Scribner
  • Staff: M. Jackson, CEO/Administrator
  • Staff: A. Morin, COO

Outreach and Marketing 

  • J. Carmichael, Chair
  • K. Butterfield
  • J. Kelly
  • Staff: A. Morin, COO
  • Staff: M. Crowl, Admissions Coordinator/Marketing Director

Quality Assurance

  • B. Cruickshank, Acting Chair
  • D. Fabricius
  • vacancy
  • Staff: M. Jackson, CEO/Administrator
  • Staff: R. Souza, Director of Nursing
  • Staff: J. Cody, QA Nurse

Executive Committee

  • G. De Gasta, President
  • P. Fagan, Vice President
  • M. Klopchin, Secretary
  • B. Cruickshank
  • C. Dickerson

Special Committees

Governor’s Veteran's Advisory Council

  • Ex officio, R. Burke, of Veterans Office of Veterans Affairs will report on GVAC as necessary