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Board of Trustees

Vermont Veterans' Home Board of Trustees to hold a Special Meeting on Friday, October 22, 2021, at 1:00 pm.  The Agenda is:  Staff Appreciation Expenditure. 

Zoom link:

To join by phone, dial 929-205-6099.  Meeting ID:  882 0747 6523.  Password: 923852.


Board Minutes 

Board Historic Minutes

Budget and Finance

  • J. Scribner, Chair
  • R. Hooper
  • M. Klopchin
  • J. Percey
  • Staff: S. McClafferty, Financial Director

Endowment/Trust Oversight

  • C. Dickerson

Buildings and Grounds

  • P. Niles, Chair
  • A. Charron
  • M. diMonda
  • Staff: A. Morin, COO
  • Staff: J. Endres, Environmental Services Director

By-Laws/ Nominating

  • C. Dickerson, Chair
  • J. Carmichael
  • T. Costello
  • Others, as needed

Strategic Planning

  • J. Krawczyk, Chair
  • J. Carmichael
  • B. Cruickshank
  • G. DaGasta
  • C. Dickerson
  • M. Klopchin
  • P. Niles
  • J. Scribner
  • Staff: M. Jackson, CEO/Administrator
  • Staff: A. Morin, COO

Outreach and Marketing 

  • J. Carmichael, Chair
  • K. Butterfield
  • J. Kelly
  • Staff: A. Morin, COO
  • Staff: M. Crowl, Admissions Coordinator/Marketing Director

Quality Assurance

  • B. Cruickshank, Chair
  • T. Costello
  • D. Fabricius
  • Staff: M. Jackson, CEO/Administrator
  • Staff: P. Crossman, Director of Nursing
  • Staff: J. Cody, QA Nurse

Executive Committee

  • J. Krawczyk, President
  • G. DeGasta, Vice President
  • M. Klopchin, Secretary
  • B. Cruickshank
  • C. Dickerson

Special Committees

Governor’s Veteran's Advisory Council

  • Ex officio, R. Burke, of Veterans Office of Veterans Affairs will report on GVAC as necessary