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COVID-19 Among Staff Notification 1-4-2022

The Vermont Veterans' Home has been notified from the January 3, 2022 testing that thus far one non-clinical staff member tested positive for COVID 19.  Fortunately, there were no close contacts with residents or other staff identified in this case so there are no new residents or wings in quarantine.  Indoor visits continue for all units; however, please follow the Positive Unit Visitor Guidelines if visiting American, Cardinal and North.  See the VVH Notices in the Coronavirus Information section of our webpage to view these “Visitation Guidelines During COVID-19 Outbreak” or click on this link to view:

Visitors to the Dom should enter the facility via the Employee Entrance that is accessible from the parking lots in the back of the building.  

There will not be a family meeting tonight. 

Reminder: The next monthly family zoom meeting is Wednesday, January 12th at 6pm.