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Employee Member of BoT Guidelines

The Board of Trustees of the Vermont Veterans' Home is seeking nominations for interested individuals to serve as a member of the Board.


  • Classified employee
  • 5 years of service at VVH
  • Apply for appointment by the Governor prior to service as a Board Member
  • 3-year term of service - current term expires January 31, 2023

Board of Trustees Responsibilities:

  • Attend all Board of Trustee Meetings
  • Serve on Board Committees
  • Other duties relative to Board functions
  • Abide by the by-laws set forth for the Board
  • Voting privileges (unless a real or apparent conflict of interest arises)



1. PART ONE:  March 15th to  0900 on March 29th   Any individual interested in the position must either email Tonya Goodell, Human Resources, at  (you must provide your name and employee ID number) or fill out the “Intent to Run” form found on the election table in the Canteen and drop the form into the slot at the top of the  “ballot box” that is mounted above the election table. 

The candidates eligible for “Signature of Support” are: 


Jamie Percey


 Sharon Sausville

2. PART TWO:  March 30th to 0900 on April 12th   On March 29th, the qualified candidates will be notified by HR that they have met the eligibility requirements listed above (via the preferred contact info provided).  They must then secure fifteen (15) “Signatures of support” from classified Vermont Veterans’ Home (VVH) employees during the time period of March 30th to 0900 April 12th through use of one of the two following methods:            

        (1)  Support for one or more candidate can be emailed to Tonya Goodell at (one email per nominee please).  Name of the candidate, classified Employee name and Employee ID number must be included in each email.  (2) Support can also be made by paper ballot found in the Canteen on the election table.  One ballot per candidate and it must include classified employee name and employee ID number.  Support can be given to more than one candidate by using separate ballots.  Drop the ballot into the slot at the top of the “ballot box” that is mounted above the election table. 

3.   PART THREE:  April 13th through April 27th   After confirmation of the required “Signatures of support” is made by HR, the candidate(s) will be notified by HR and may begin campaigning and providing his/her motive for serving as a Trustee.   Melinda Crowl will assist candidates by posting a one-page written document prepared by the candidate to the VVH website or assist in the recording of a video, no longer than 5 minutes, and posting it to the VVH website.  The candidate will be responsible for any other campaign methods.   (Instructions to view the postings on the VVH website will be provided at a later date.)

4. PART FOUR:  Election Day - Wednesday, April 28 (have your VVH umbrella in case it is raining!)

 A.  VOTING LOCATIONS:   Voting for the staff assigned to American and the staff that use the Employee Entrance will take place at the canopy that will be set up outside in between those 2 entrances.

      Voting for the staff assigned to Brandon and Cardinal will take place at the canopy that will be set up outside

      in between those 2 entrances.

      Voting for the staff assigned to North will take place on the front porch at the Main Entrance.

B.  VOTING TIMES:  Voting will be from 5:00 am - 9:30 am  and  1:30 pm - 3:30 pm at all 3 locations.  Voting will

      also take place at the Employee Entrance from 10:30 am - 11:30 am to cover the 11:00 am shift personnel.

C.  ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE:   Must be a classified employee of the Vermont Veterans’ Home on election day.  Please have your Vermont Veterans’ Home ID card with you as your name/employee ID number will need to be verified on the classified employee list before you may vote.

D.  VSEA will be allowed to appoint one person, at each voting location, to observe the voting and one person to observe the vote counting.  The counting of the ballots will take place on the front porch at the Main Entrance at 3:30pm (after the polls close).  If the weather is poor/too windy and it is not possible to count the ballots on the front porch, it will be moved to the Upstairs Boardroom, in which case the HR person, Board member and VSEA representative will need to pass screening and wear a surgical mask and shield.