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Friends of the Vermont Veterans' Home

Our Mission

The Mission of the Friends of the Vermont Veterans’ Home is to create and maintain a circle of friends who support the Vermont Veterans’ Home to provide the best quality of care to the veteran residents and families.

Fulfilling the Promise

Supporting our Vermont veterans is something you can be proud of and crosses all political lines and affiliations. This is supporting those who have risked their lives and sometimes made the greatest sacrifice, and supporting their wives and widows. This is the friends, families, and fellow veterans who understand that by coming together to support our veterans in need we are supporting the promise of Abraham Lincoln, and ultimately the promise of America.

Here's how you can help

By giving to the Friends of the Vermont Veterans’ Home you help us to bridge the gaps between the needs of veteran residents and government funding. We need your help to create an essential Capital Fund that will insure that the Home will have the resources to provide the necessary services needed for veterans for years to come. Your support also allows us to communicate and promote the benefits and services available to veterans at the Vermont Veterans’ Home.

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